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Free Audio Software for Windows/MacOS


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Loving the sound of this one but it's buggy as fuck for me in ableton 5.0.3


I know you hate that version mos but I haven't noticed any other real problems, ah well...


Here's my addition:

Subduer. http://www.majken.se/vst/index.asp?Page=subduer.asp


Low CPU and it sounds effing quality. In fact I'm sure I found it in the last plugz for my peeps thread.

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Great VST synth, it's a combination between standard substractive and FM synthesis and it works really well. It's laid out very modulair-like too with a great mod matrix. Sounds pretty fckin good for a VST too. WHY IS IT FREE?! I DONT KNOW. AND I SURE AS HELL DON'T MIND.


I'd like to echo the SIR recommendation. Great convolution-plugin and if you get the top-end Lexicon impulses (think L960 and the like) from noisevault.com, you have sick, sick, sick quality reverb for free. It does induce latency which sucks balls.


Get Frohmage too, it's a free filter from the developers of Ohmboys and Quadfrohmage (great delay and quad filter). Sounds good and has a very cool interface. Barely uses any CPU too.

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I also have to recommend Crystal, it is quite excellent.


There used to be a post in the synthedit forums on Kvr-vst called "Synthedit plugins" and it was like a couple hundred posts of like 10+ links each. It's gone now. Of course, there are some of you that are rascist against synthedit, but it's your loss.

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http://www.tone2.com/bifilter.html best free filter ever!!!!!


http://bicycle-for-slugs.org/oatmeal35-5.zip Oatmeal, real good synth, relativly new, in my top 3 freebies. Link with loads of skins and presets for it too: http://lesitedeburnie.free.fr/Oatmeal-35.5-27032006.rar anyways, definately a must-have if you haven't already


http://antti.smartelectronix.com/ home of Asynth and Tuarus which is awesome


http://www.interruptor.ch/vst_overview.shtml bionic delay and------> Retrodelay cant find the link

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