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Free Audio Software for Windows/MacOS


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I haven't had a chance to actually try them since I installed them the other day, but the Tukan Studios plugins for Reaper are supposed to be good:




.JS only, but there's a VST wrapper for JS if you're a Windows user.

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On 4/28/2022 at 1:42 AM, iococoi said:

I like nature sounds and enhanced brain waves. I'll see if I can use it. Thanks, car company.


Update: It's pretty cool. Basically just a sampler with fixed samples which just loop in the background and a mono, legato oscillator that has a few waveforms.

I'm definitely going to go buy a КИ now. Thanks, КИ.



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free samples:


4ms released a firmware update for the STS sampler and w/that comes a bunch of new samples. if you go to the link and click on "manuals/firmware" tab the "samplePack 2022" is there w/other samples and that will take you to a drop box where you can download all the samples. some contributed by me but others from some more well known artists.  it's a nice selection of one hits and loops and field recordings. 


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Might have been posted before but Vital.

The synth i use the most these days.

Absolute powerhouse. Superb layout and sound engine.The best VSTi currently imho.

(additional wavetable needs to be bought tho but fully usable with free version)




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