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*leaks fakes*



oh that?


well I dont know didnt listen to them... I use to wait till official release


this time I will get both lp and cd... excited

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this time I will get both lp and cd... excited


Same. When this comes out I am going to make a long overdue order from warpmart. Hopefully there will be some exclusive or a poster or something.



One thing is for sure though. I don't want to hear any "leaked" tracks or anything. I want to hear it for the first time when I get it.

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awesome news! i was once given a cdr of untilted before it was released... and i broke it once it was handed to me! i'll wait for the actual release thank you very much!

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Guest Enter a new display name
doubt it is a hoax if phobia gave the news

so this is a fucking great new! :D


*faps furiously*

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Phobiazero released the Untilted name and tracklisting before anyone else I seem to recall.


edit: Its about fucking time too.

Edited by The CIA
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When is the Warp Newsletter usually sent out? Maybe if we are lucky we will get official confirmation then.


So what do you people think this will sound like? I am praying for a double album, in which they at least make the parts from Hemsby 15:00-20:00 and 35:00-40:00 into proper tracks.

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Well, considering his Brian Tregaskin Faux Pas, I'd wait until an official announcement...


this isnt a competition joyrex Im sure BOC will tell you first

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      it's a mix made of wu-tang and (mostly late-period) ae. really good so far
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      Just seen news of this release from VOD....🤤
      LATE MARCH 2021
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      I brought up this thought in the dedicAtEd thread for Untilted but I think it is an interesting enough idea generally speaking. Here's the alternate order I came up with for their 2005 offering, Fermium is not removed because I dislike the song but because it feels like the odd one out. This is just my first attempt at this and I don't think I have a better sequence than S and R (fucking love this album the way it is as it is), but it is fun to try rejigger things a bit and see if there are some nice ways of changing the sequencing, just for fun

      1. LCC
      2. The Trees
      3. Augmatic Disport
      4. Ipacial Section
      5. Iera
      6. Pro Radii
      7. Sublimit

      Here's what auxien said about this new order/removing Fermium:

      "hm, not sure about Fermium on its own, feels naked like that. but it is a little bit of an odd one out on the album perhaps, so i see the case there. 
      random thoughts listening to this tracklisting:
      LCC as opener and Sublimit as closer is necessary, good work on not trying to fuck with that not sure about The Trees as track 2, feels a little too close in shape to LCC Ipacial into Iera is fucking great Iera into Pro Radii works pretty well Pro Radii into Sublimit works pretty well too  overall not as offensive as i'd expected trying to tweak what's pretty close to a perfect album. may see about doing an alternate tracklist of my own"
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