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3 piano tracks

Chris Moss Acid

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after completing 3 acid/dance/whatever project in the last few months i've deicded to try my lucj writing piano music.


mind, im not very good at playing the piano what so ever, but i feel its a bit of a change in the musical thought process. these are 3 of my favourite tracks i wrote today (thus being the first time i've attempted this),


i wrote about 6 but deleted 3 of them, but even though i think "tiger balm dream in C#minor" is alright, it just highlights how crap i am playing the piano, though that was the first piano track i have ever done. the other 2 are a bit stronger, but dont really go anywhere at all..


anyways here is 3 short tracks i've written this evening


1 is called waltz but isnt a waltz at all..




2 is probally the roughest track ever




3 is probally the hardest track i've ever attepted to do,



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