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Korg Triton $475

Meadows and Labyrinths

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i am casually trying to get rid of my 61-key Korg Triton. i bought it in 2000 sometime. it is old, but it still functions. a couple keys and buttons aren't in the best shape, but you can get around that. also, fixing buttons and keys is not expensive as it is a very popular machine. i'm rather surprised at how well it's kept up for so long. also, it is completely caked with stickers i've put on it throughout the years, so, it has character. :D


i am asking $450.00, or best offer, which is a fantastic price for such a powerful machine. buyer pays for shipping. i am going to use the money i get from this to buy a portable multitrack field recorder, so i am open for a trade if someone has what i am looking for.


this triton has a bunch of memory upgrades (for long sampling time) and the SCSI port upgrade, and i think some other things, but i don't remember. i customized this machine quite a bit... i'll even throw in a case of floppy discs (you use those to save project files on)


i will try and post pics sometime if someone is interested. thanks !


my name is luke

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yeah, i'm reluctant to get rid of it because you can use it in so many ways, traditionally and experimentally. i've rekindled my love for it recently by overdriving the internal soundboard by turning up the bass and reverb all the way up and boy that makes for some interesting effects !

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