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slowly building track


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sorry about the bad sounding synth in the beginning... that one needs some work and some eq...


sort of stream of consciousness on the production, just kept adding elements, building the frequency range up....


not really sure what to make of it, but i enjoyed working on it...


let me know what you think.




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Guest six hundred n

amazing production! nice and "aimless" tune (not in a bad way - as you say stream of conciousness)


very lush/dense sound

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Excellent percussion, and the EQing on this track is very clear and concise, nice stuff. It certainly has a lot of potential, I would like to hear the drums sound more rhythmic, so that there are no stops or glitchiness involved in most areas of the track, but that's just me and my opinion (and I know it pisses me off when people tell me what to do about a tune).

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