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Spelunking PART II


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Guest tht! tne

when that first melody came in i was hoping the drums would go all hyperkinetic around it

i like what happens around 3:00, with the modulation

a very good track

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its always a good listen when you post... i like your style of music.


wasn't catching all the bass frequencies... but it could be my phones. still, i think they could use some eq'ing if you're interested in making this track more mid-level friendly...


the synth tone that plays when the beat drops and then sparsely comes back in the middle methinks could use some fx... just my opinion, of course.


it gets pretty dancy after that, which is fun...


what did you make this with?


nice work.

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cheers boys! erichodge - was made with an Alesis Micron (for the most part), sequenced with a Yamaha QY70 and recorded into a Fostex MR-8 MkII multi-track.

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