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Interesting BOC find

Guest TooMuchLush

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Guest TooMuchLush

I just picked up an interesting vinyl...'Boards of Canada- Unreleased Tracks" (DJ Vinyl Promo).


A1: Midas Touch (remix)

A2: Korona

B1: Trapped (hell interface remix)

B2: Trapped (short slow version)


This is a very exciting find! Am i out of the loop like mad?; i have not heard these track names before. The style of the songs are distinctly Boards, yet the direction of their sound is one i have not yet heard on any prior releases, until now. Complex vocal sampling, and more tearing beats than ever! Maybe i have never played BOC on wax before now, but this shit simply sounds like Great music indeed! WOWZERZ!

Oh, and the tracks are on the opposite side of the record that they are labeled.

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