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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers on group, in ear, click track options. I play bass in a band, we have just made our self financed debut album, after a while out from playing gigs, and I have just been playing around with putting some videos together for some of the tunes. We'd really like to come back to the gigging scene with a bang, incorperating visual elements to the show. The biggest problem with that right now, for me, seems to be synchronicity. We can set all our delays etc to the right speeds on the album, and should be able to play to a click, which in turn should be triggering visuals. So, right now I'm thinking, what do we need ? A laptop, a projector and some sort of screen, should handle that side of things, but as to what is going to transmit the clicks of the set into 4 in ear headphones, stereo headphones would be nicer still, maybe the click in one, a band mix in the other... Any ideas folks ?



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a laptop running your visuals, synched to a clicktrack.


multi out soundcard, or indeed a single out with a patchbay or signal splitter.



or a desk with multiple output busses/auxiliary channels.

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