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question about writing lyrics

Guest oh teh lolz

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Guest oh teh lolz

This is going to be a really stupid post, so feel free to back out now. I am trying to devise some lyrics, kind of in the vein of Massive Attack or Telefon Tel Aviv, I suppose. Just anything that isn't rap, really. Any time I try, it ends up as kind of lame gangsta rap shite. On the rare occasion that I get over that, it sounds like lame LJ poetry. Once again, I realise it's a stupid question, but does anyone have any kind of tips for writing lyrics?

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Guest doom2.wad

i suggest you buy emacs















woke up this morning and i got into my van, and i drove to town. bought 5 eggs and some spam.


i told you once before about playing on your bass in my face.


that's the ugliest mirror i've ever seen, could you give it a clean?


i don't know whether i should stick my hand in a pocket. maybe yours or mine. i think it's time we sorted out who's mine.


and also, i thought of some lyrics today, that could have gone here, when i was on the bus. but i forgot them.


sorry, i have to go now! my hair's dirty, and the stove is on, and i just saw a penny on the floor... bye!


just invented a new type of kettle! it's in the shape of a dog, it flies, it's green, it dances, it plays songs written by a man named Paul McHeartney. and it can solve all your debt problems.


hanging on to a hope, hung by the hope.

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I deliberately avoid rhyming. It really just depends on the style you're going for. I'm a big fan of Underworld's lyrics, and I don't think they have ever rhymed. If you want to go the rhyming route, try rhyming every other line, or just toying around with how sentences would work together. Pink Floyd's "Bike" has a really good example of kind off-pattern rhymes.

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Writing is something you really have to do for a while to develop a feel for.


Keep a notebook around you at all times so you can write whatever comes to mind, or try writing whenever you have a strong emotion you think would work. Your writing will probably start off as 'lame LJ poetry' and the like until you write enough to develop your style. Analyze your favorite lyrics and figure out what the songwriter did. Try it out, see how it works. If you ever say something that is so full of context in itself, it might be a good candidate for something to write down. If you mishear a lyric and discover you like your version better, write it down.


Rhyming isn't necessary, and neither are straight ahead vocal patterns. Remember, whenever you feel stuck, look towards those you respect most and try to figure out their craft.


BTW: The process for writing rap lyrics and other forms are the exact same. If you want to rap, use the same process above.


After figuring all this out, you can move onto voice projection, breath control, and all dat jazz.

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