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Hey folks,


I was just wondering if there is a downloadable version of this little movie that was made for the release of the Trans-Canada Highway EP?


Cheers. :beer:


As far as I know, that's only available on the japanese cd. Not sure if it's Campfire or Trans Canada. It might be uploaded somewhere on the web, but you can go to keepvid.com and download it really quickly from youtube through that. Tis a good site, you don't have to download an application or anything, you type in the url and it gives you a "save as" download link. Handy.

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Theres many flv viewers/convertors out there. For instance VLC for viewing.


If you mean the Dayvan Cowboy video heres some links:


for watching

http://lax-v66.lax.youtube.com/get_video?v..._id=A2zKARkpDW4 for downloading


or just search any torrent site for 'dayvan cowboy' :p

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