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Buying a Synth

Guest TI-86

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Guest Mental Eclipse

I've never owned a hardware synth before, but I'm thinking of buying one since I need a new keyboard anyway. I can usually run about 4 VST Synths at once until my CPU reaches 100%, however I'd like to be able to run more synths at once in a recording. I'm thinking that by using a hardware synth, I can free some CPU usage and also have a high quality keyboard.


I was planning on just buying a Novation keyboard for around "$400" (all I really need), but the idea of getting a synth got my attention recently. Am I just giving into hype, or is a synth really worth the extra cash?


I'm looking around $500-$600. I'm currently looking at the "Korg: R3" & the "Roland: SH-201". There is also the "Korg: Electribe EMX", however I would still need to buy a separate MIDI keyboard to use that. I'd still consider it, but I'd rather purchase something with a keyboard already attached.


What synth do you think would be best for someone in my budget? Should I consider just upgrading my computer and buy a MIDI controller instead?


I'd really appreciate your advice.

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first, you should make sure that you have a decent audio interface to record your potential synth. I would also suggest that look around on ebay or the local pawn shops before getting a brand new synth cause you mind find a good deal on an older synth.

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Dave Smith Evolver Module £389.00 (whatever that is US) - proper analogue and digital mix, will kick the living fuck out of anything around the same price by Novation etc - unfortunately, you will also need a MIDI keyboard to play it, but you could just get a cheap one...




I am getting one of these as soon as I can afford it.



If not this, then I recommend the Alesis Micron which is £257



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Guest burnibus

I second BCM,


I got an evover about a month ago and its seems like the possibilities are really endless, there is soo much scope for all sorts of sounds and the analogue oscilators sounds like nothing digital can give you, dey is WARM.


plus its got a 4 part sequencer included as well, real analogue filters. simply superb.

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