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I finally wrote something new. I haven't done anything for over half a year because I've been hooked on Xbox Live. I finally detached myself for a while today to write something on my brand new super 1337 computer. Enjoy.

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Guest tht! tne

i like the modulation on the lead

you made good use of pads here too

i like the sounds of the percussion

it has a cool drumnbass vibe to it

still liking the modulation on the lead

i like the glitchier drums later on too

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made some notes while listening:


00:30 nice bassline and interesting noodly thing

00:46 italian sounding piano chords come in. the piano sound is a bit incongrous to the analordy nature of the track until now.

01:25 noodly synth continues to be interesting

01:31 gentle drums come in, bassline modulated nicely in background

01:52 closely followed by a nice and relaxed yet well programmed break

02:23 the pleasant vibe of modulating bassline, piano-like chords and relaxed break continues

02:35 something new was due to be added at this point, but the noisy noodly synth that comes in is slightly too mood changing for me

03:30 i'm starting to think - ok this track has made its point. has it got anything new up its sleeves?

04:03 break and drums has been getting heavier, then cuts out here

04:10 we are left with the italian piano thing and a few other nice sounds

04:26 breaky-drums come back in, nice patterns

04:49 bit heavier now, with the noisy noodly thing returning too

05:02 the variation of the track continues with more bassline modulations and drum sound mods and pattern changes

06:16 drums crunch out

06:25 a quiet end


In terms of constructive criticism:

- the melodies and chords are all nice, but there is not enough variation for me to really love this. You add interest to the track by modulating the various sounds and the drum pattern, but to really make me go wow I need more melodic progression and contasting motifs and key changes and stuff like that (e.g. Welcome to Europe)

- the piano chords could have been done with a different sound perhaps. Maybe its not actually a piano, but the timbre and the way the chords are played made me think of italian house type piano chords. the same chords played on a more obviously synthetic synth might be worth a try

- I found the track a bit long. Thats a personal thing but my current policy is that a track should not be more than 5 minutes long without a really good reason


In summary: Although its not cutting edge or blowing my socks off, this track was a pleasant listen - nice patterns, melodies and production. There is plenty to like here and if it came on randomly on my mp3 player it would probably get my attention and have me going to look at the tags to see what it was.

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Guest awkward

wasn't keen on the bassline so much. too high or something for my taste.

like the thing that comes in at 1:30. really like that sound.

drums are ok. bit non-descript.


overall this is pretty nice. i think the drums could use some work, bring them more forward

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Yeah, this is fairly decent ... I couldn't say it was bad that's for sure!! The parts that didn't sit well with me was that noisy lead sound and that clicky snare. Definitely the clicky snare sounds a bit nasty on the ears. Harmonies are nice but I think I'd have prefered some far more mellower beats (maybe that's just my current chilled mood though). Yeah, overall I pretty much dug the core of this but would have prefered it without all the noisy elements (lead, breaks and percussion). Also kinda agree with Awkward's comment about this being a bit non-descript again that's certainly not to say its bad. Peace.

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I tend to agree with Promo. The snare is a bit too clicky, but I love that harsh synth since it adds a good contrast to the rest of the pads.

But dude, what's up with the midi piano?

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