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i just was thinking about what will sound like the experimental music of the future ...

with all this weird DSP plugs and programs and make one experiment ...

This is just something like remix with heavy dsp use on it :




It was created for about 2h. with use of this weird plugs.


Years before the answer in the question " what music you listen (like) ?" was:

HEAVY METAL, maybe in the future it will be:





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Guest cuubjan

Hey, like the track, but it seems this should go into the You Latest Creations forum


Other than that, I can't really imagine the music of the future to be honest. Right now in terms of popular music, it is going downhill. About experimental music, theres no true direction it is going in, but because of the general values in music that more experimental artists have generally, I do not believe it will ever decline. Perhaps we will have another classical renaissance.


As for HEAVY DSP, that makes me think of Drill n' Bass, or maybe Steinbolt.

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