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opeth - the moor


classic. and i dont even listen to metal anymore


are you for real?


that song is so good.


drexciya - c to the power of x + c to the power of x = mm = unknown

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Guest Helper ET

no i am for real here. that was my first opeth album and one of my favorite metal albums ever. the chords progressions in that song are simply amazing, like most opeth. though still life and damnation were the only albums i really got into, sadly


we should chat metal sometime

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Guest Helper ET

i dont really see me going to a metal show ever again. no offense, just dont dig the shit anymore


u should go though dude, i heard they come out and play, then leave to get fucking wrecked, then return to do their encore

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i think they play an amazing show, leave to beat up queers like you, and then metal the fuck out of life for about 20 extra minutes.


ps i love you et.

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