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Neo Ouija's Cottage Industries compilations are among or perhaps the best IDM compilations ever released. 20 years and 10 releases, all of them essential. Hopefully 3-5 will find their way to Bandcamp, too (I have them on CD, but no-one [except me?] will buy CDs anymore, even just to rip and shelve them).

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23 hours ago, Virtekh said:

P.E.T.R.O.L by Orbital. It's been my favourite all time track for 25 years now!



It's In Sides' 25th anniversary this year. I wish they'd re-issue the vinyl!!!

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12 hours ago, brian trageskin said:

track 5 is pretty dope!

It's quite an intriguing album... Considering it's a chordless group, it's interesting that so many of the melodies are presented by both horns in unison, rather than harmonizing each other. A lot of the harmony gets filled out by the bass (Stomu Takeishi - who has this killer sound), and the reverb plays a key role in the arrangements imo. I find it to be a pretty unique soundscape for a jazz album. Sort of dreamy and sinister in a way that's hard to place. The very first track is also one of my favs. 

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