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modifying a synth... i want to know if my synth can be modded. can only analog shit be modded?

i just think it would be sweet if i could get my rm1x modified so that it has 16 audio outputs that i could apply effects to , each channel seperately

kinda a dream but i wonder if it's possible (?)

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Guest sinkfield

i dunno if u can mod it but another way is to get a patchbay and hardwire it so the outputs mirror your synth's output, this way you can have as many copies of your sound as your patchbay has plugs...

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That would probably best.


You are able to mod just about anything, within reason.

But unless there is already someone out there who made the exact modifications you want and is selling kits to apply the mods it is going to cost you incredible amounts of time and possibly money to what you want to do.

And possibly also several rm1x's.

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