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Cylob - 1997 Rephlex show


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In the Aphex twin download, theres a 1997 show I passed on ages ago. .. eh, i think it was me who had it from years ago!


I'm enjoying it again but it should be pointed out that its probably mostly Cylob (at his very best in my opinion) with a few tracks by Aphex twin at the start only. May it was a collaboration? Don't think so to be honest. Lots of great ulyssesses cartoon samples thrown in!


this was an Australian Rephlex showcase i think.

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Looks like most of the track list has been sussed out, still need to figure out what is playing over the top of Elephant Song for the first few minutes. I thought it was a Cylob or u-ziq track, one of the noisier ones, but I still can't place it exactly.


Including such great hits as:













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