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Drum techniques


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What plugins do you use as standard for drum track? I mean anything. be it compression limiting or fx.


At the moment im using Classic compressor and subtle dashes of reverb , i tend to find that vintage warmer just muddies the hits, but this could be due to the fact i havent got a clue what does what and im twiddling levels at randomn. Any help?



Just want my drums to bite more, any recommendations?

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Guest noradrenalin

i use a very subtle distortion a lot of the time.


sometimes i use a subtle (or not subtle at all... i guess it depends on my mood) plate reverb.

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Yeah, but reverb can sound nice at times. Like Luke Vibert's drums. I found this free plug that I have really been digging lately. http://www.digitalfishphones.com/binaries/...ion_v1.2_PC.zip

Its a signal shape modifier/enhancer. I've used these compressors forever but just lately have I tried this plug out. Can get some nice dynamic snappy poppy sounds out of any rythemic sygnal. Bad spelling? I thouught so.

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