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WNSN bloomed for me finally, and, what a track.  The first 60 seconds is not welcoming; I opened the wrong door at a party.  Someone's having a coke freak-out?, and probably they meant to lock this door, and this is NOT Theswere pt. 2, Hey I'm sorry let me just-

But I can't retreat, Quaristice is about facing these wrong-turns because there's some truth to un-cover at the bottom of all of this?  The track settles into a tighter chambered groove that reminds me of something earlier in the evening, was it Simmm?  I'll hang out here.  As it turns out the chaos was a front, because now these sounds breathe with the percussion like they're one in the same -- a product of evolution, an emergence tempered by uncounted jungle battles, a force of nature.  It's tight.

I can't pin-point the emotion either.  It's reflective, contemplating something.  It's a space for unpacking though, and I can spend all night here.  huh.  maybe fav track on quaristice.

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Stellar track. They dropped it into their 2010 (oversteps) live sets. I heard it in the Sydney gig and remember the whole room being held in this austere static suspension. Hard to pin down exactly what the feeling is.

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On 3/6/2018 at 11:57 AM, Salvatorin said:

love this



what i love about this is it perfectly demonstrates the way autechre demonstrates an intuitive understanding of post-tonality/microtonality from outside of the joyless academic world of music theory. this is just one of the many examples of them achieving a synthesis of styles and ideas completely organically. this whole track creates 'melodies' and 'harmony' via subtle changes in timbre and the rhythmic elements in a completely left-field manner while remaining somehow catchy and rooted in electro and hip-hop. autechre are DA BEST

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  • 2 years later...

yeah I'd say it's pretty great

didn't get it for a bit though

On 5/4/2008 at 11:41 PM, Guest FDR said:

Some of the sounds are also pretty similar to "further" off amber which I also really like.

wait woah you're actually right i never made that connection before

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