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Minilogue - Animals


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recently released on cocoon records. two CDs, first CD is really nice techno, house kinda affair, some would call it "minimal" but whatever. some tracks remind me of early plastikman and studio 1 and other tracks have this basic channel feel. all in all very smoothly produced electronic music by the swedish duo (sweden has a bunch of good electronic artists). the second disc is more ambienty stuff and has a nice dusty sound and at points similar to bibio or boc, not a direct copy, but you get the idea. recommended for friends of electronic music. very enjoyable stuff.


1-01 Yesterday Bells

1-02 Cow, Crickets And Clay

1-03 Hitchhiker’s Choice

1-04 Loud

1-05 We All

1-06 33000 Honeybees

1-07 Jamaica

1-08 View Of A Juggling Ball

1-09 Giant, Hairy Super Monsters

1-10 Hypnotized

1-11 Animals

1-12 In A Distance


2-01 Old Water

2-02 Windows

2-03 City Lights

2-04 Six Arms And One Leg

2-05 Swamp Op

2-06 In The Shade Of The Sun

2-07 Stations I

2-08 Stations II

2-09 Stations III

2-10 Even The Wind Seemed In Deep Sleep

2-11 Europhonia

2-12 Feeling In Spring Beside The Dressing Table

2-13 Seconds (Colour & Sound)

2-14 Outro


video of track featured on album (seen before around here)

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Guest moo duck

Anders Ilar - Sworn LP on Level Records

another swedish electronic music album to add. ambient and 'minimal' too.

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ordered that sworn album, like anders stuff. need to get the collab he did with hedvall on narita too.

but this is about MINILOGUE. just gave this another listen and it is great, check it!

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Guest moo duck

personally, i think there is nothing to listen if you were into minimal techno\house last decade. very fashionable version of past days when they themselves were doing trance stuff.

please excuse me but i hate it for many reasons.

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meh, you're just old and cynical. sure it might not be groundbreaking, but it's rare nowadays that something is. it's simply well made music. and i've been fans of them when they were releasing music as son kite, their stuff as minilogue just became more popular the last couple of years with all the 'minimal' craze, which has become really stale and boring. and besides this shows more variation than the average minimal album, no puf-puf kick and echoy clicky-clacky.

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Guest moo duck

ok, i agree this produced with skills. and in some sense their minilogue's stuff goes further and ahead investigating new clubby trend of 'minimal neo-trance', like James Holden once said, - ''minimal is progressive with a couple of new plug-ins'' and even 'pop dub-tech' etc. i'm not cynical, i'm a bit fucking idealistic about how hardcore was music these, like many other, talanted in production guys now adapted.

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