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musical terrorism- shattered glass with cheese

Guest CNOT

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Guest CNOT

first post


so i'm a newb to this forum


doesn't mean i am a newb to a sequencer.


there are some freaks out there who never release. i was toying with the idea of self immolation with my computer vietnam zen styles


would have been fitting

but then i just wrote 15 more tracks to capture the feeling of crisp human skin


if you think you are mentally strong enough to cope with it, grab tracks here.




i've got 15 hours of that to chase it, each sickly tune more twisted than the rest. it may take some time to upload it all. free music...free party


if there is something that really drives you insane, let me know so i can cause a hysterical public incident


believe me im definitely down with this.


crookedly yours,





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Guest tht! tne

i like to comment on everything posted in ylc, but i'm not convinced it's worth it to d/l all what, 13 tracks there?

especially because that site renames your tracks to numbers, so it would be hard to know which track i was hearing

why don't you upload just one or two of those tracks to the board, i'm sure they're great even if you are boastful

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