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Anyone Up For This??

Guest Lindrum Larry Cocopipe

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Guest Lindrum Larry Cocopipe

This has probably been attempted before but I'm happy to embrace the jazzband.

I figured alot of people here are often on a hunt for good samples (myself included). soooo..

I'm a bit tired of getting sample cds and then spending hours sorting through them to find 10 mediocre drum hits. I think a little watmm sample cd is likely to contain alot of quality.

If we started with drums and everyone who wants to contribute could begin with uploading their top 5 snare drum hits for example. And name them according to your user name. So mine would be..





etc etc.


Then kicks, hats and so on. I would gladly compile them and host the collection when complete.

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i actually think it sounds like a great idea dude, im sorry for you that no-one has replied. but if people where just picking their favourite samples it would probably violate copyright laws.

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good idea! i never get round to contributing to anything though - was meaning to do a black hole track, but couldn't due to work and coming home and playing WoW instead of making tracks....


but I'll try and put together a few BCM sample kits at some point.....

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Guest analogue wings

I don't use samples, but I think this should happen - and I'd even host the RAR on my server.


Fuck WATMM apathy.


I have another EKT community type idea, but after the reception to this one I'm pretty wary of posting it.

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