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my dad has a small penis by acp


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acp - my dad has a small penis (full album zip)


01 - don't worry about what you can't see

02 - children underwater slide over you

03 - 8000 pound bear

04 - juggling on a chalkboard

05 - ideals getting in the way of common courtesy

06 - I remixed my friend ben stein

07 - for a laser light show extravaganza

08 - falling asleep in the snow

09 - bein' it

10 - up in the afternoon

11 - roars or yawns

12 - cable news makes me want to die

13 - oh them they're dead



Hey everyone, it's been a while since I posted anything here. I recently compiled what I believe to be my best stuff into a 52 minute album. A lot of this stuff was posted to watmm when it was written (some of you may even remember falling asleep in the snow way back in like october of 2002 or around then), but I think it all works a lot better in this context. It's a bit weird but I put some work into it and I think some of you might be into it. It's very much on the abstract unquantized mostly non-repetitive side of things, but sometimes that can be good, right? I swear to god that there's melody in it, really, it's just a little obscured a lot of the time.

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