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synth & guitar jam


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So I had a nice little session with my brother today. He

plays the guitar and I play synths. We started out with

playing a simple C-F-D-G pianoriff and made it loop.


Then I made some lush pads that I looped with the piano. He

then picked up his guitar and plucked along and I jammed

with him using the warmest monolead I could squeeze out of

my synth.


The good thing with monoleads is I can play them with one

hand and use the other hand on the cutoff/resonance to make

the synth scream when I want to.


We recorded it to tape and it sounds pretty lush in my



I wish we had EQ'ed the guitar a tad first though, the highs

are a little too loud compared to the rest (well, it was

steel strings).


Anyway, here's the track:


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