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Lunatic Harness


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I like Hasty Boom Alert, haven't heard the rest of the tracks quite yet. But I have to agree with weetabix who started that 'the strength of mu-ziq' thread two years back, his melodies are fine, but the drum programming ruins it most of the time. He's basically throwing everything he's got at you.

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There are some of the most brilliant electronic music tracks on this album. Especially Catkin & Teasel, one of the nine 5 stars rated tracks amongst 3000+ other ones, it means everything. And I like drum programming on this album !

From the classic Brace Yourself Jason to the great underrated Secret Stair 1, this album deserves us quality, effective and emotive music. Which isn't the case of LOADS of albums anymore, nowadays...

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Guest hahathhat



Is it a harness to restrain a lunatic?

Is it a harness to capture lunacy in audio form?

Is it a harness, sentient but gone mad?

Is it a primitive linguistic fragment; the hulk pressing "stop record" and yelling, "LUNATIC HARNESS!!!#@1`"?


I'd go on, but my brain has reached that point where words sease to make cense.



EDIT: is fantastic album.

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9 minutes ago, hayhook said:

25th Anniversary Edition coming this year...

Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 12.35.04 PM.png

I would have liked to see a couple of other alt versions or unreleased goodies (Approaching Menace2 and Intellitag Remix, to name two that were in the soundcloud dump), since Hanky Pokery, Jiggery Panky, and The Cut of My Jib ended up on Aberystwyth Marine, but now I'm just being nit-picky and greedy...

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