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So I figured rather than create new threads every time I have a song or album done, I'd make one giant thread that I keep posting new content in. Perhaps if a bunch of us did this, it'd make the board less cluttered and allow us to keep track of the artists we like easier.


So here's the start of my thread that I'll keep bumping when I have new stuff I want to share. As the days go by mp3 links will likely be broken as I take down songs to work on them/change song names/delete songs because I decide I hate them. However, the following link should always (hopefully) be active:




On the website is an mp3 player (plays 192kbps mp3s) of random select tunes I like, and a few albums for download. All album downloads are zipped 320kbps mp3.


Here's some songs from a new project we're working on, which is largely ambient guitar & piano filled music, entitled Sans Midnight (name subject to change):

Broken Down (320 kbps)

Broken Down (192 kbps)

Getting It Back (320 kbps)

Getting It Back (192 kbps)


Here's some songs from an EP I just finished entitled "Commercial Art". I posted a few of these here over the last few weeks. I basically wanted to see if I had the balls and a good enough voice to record some songs with lyrics. I personally was pleased with the result, but don't know if it's something I'll continue to do in the future, as writing songs to accommodate lyrics is far trickier than my normal method of doing whatever until it sounds good. Full EP is available on the site.

Honesty (192 kbps)

Caffeine & Firearms (192 kbps)


The following songs are from a full-length I did last year called "Texture By Numbers". This one is also available for download on the site as well.

Morning (192 kbps)

Mythical Creatures (192 kbps)

Breathing Deeper (192 kbps)

Know Yourself (192 kbps)


Last thing on the site is an album I did back in 2006 called "Ambition Kills". I don't like to seperate any tracks because it was originally written as a 70 minute long continuous mix, but if you like any of the stuff I've posted here, I recommend checking it out.


Thanks for any time spend listening to any of these. It's much appreciated. Like I said, I'm gonna try to keep everything to this one thread and bump it as I see fit with new music/info. Hope the idea sticks.



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Broken Down has some really beautiful synth lines. perhaps the usage of arpeggiators? some nice attack delays sweeping overtop; almost reminds me of what i loved about Heart's "These Dreams" (sorry if this is not a compliment to you, but i do find the atmosphere quite intriguing)


i find the piano a bit bright for my liking..it could also be panned all over the place..i think that would work. the bubbling reverbial material works well with the guitar incisions. not sure about the contrasting texture that breaks up the 3/4 mark. quite a nice distortion passage to follow though.

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This may be the greatest song I've ever written:

Mea Culpa (320 kbps)

Mea Culpa (192 kbps)


This is the song from the above post which is now a broken link. Named, reworked, remastered, reuploaded.

Mixed (320 kbps)

Mixed (192 kbps)

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