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Jega's Varience is now playing on Radio 1 Experimental


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"Volume 1 of my new album 'Variance' will premiere during

an exclusive set on BBC Radio 1 Experimental on March 11th


Broadcast time is 2am Tuesday night/Wed morning UK time, 7pm

Tuesday evening LA time. "


from his myspace


and here is the link:




I am listening, and so far it has been about 7 mins of staticy bit crushed ambience... kind of going nowhere


not sure if this is it or not, but i wouldnt be surprised either way.


not sure whats happening here



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Guest David R James

What is really shit about marry anne hobbs show sometimes is that most of the so called experimental music is just dubstep and really shag uk hip hop and stuff with rubbish mc's.

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Guest Betty
all i hear is this constant bit crushy static ambience

That can happen if you're not properly tuned into the station.

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i had this album years ago. didn't everyone? i'm curious to know if it'll be the same album now, or just the same name


seems i deleted it tho.

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Guest bitroast

this sounds sick!

i'm rather confused how this has any relation to what was leaked. was he actually planning on releasing the leak as an album called variance? confused.

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Guest bitroast

yeah but. i can't recognise the tracks in the mix. did he totally scrap the tracks in the leak and is releasing this as variance?

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i can't remember what the leak was exactly like. this doesn't sound much different though.


aerodynamic will still be on it i guess



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Talking about Boxcutter, btw. The Jega stuff seems ... eh? Kinda not what I was expecting. MAH almost said "his bland new album on Planet Mu" and I might agree. Coffeetable rhodes abounds? I need to listen again later.

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