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Norm MacDonald


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norm breaks toilet


goddammit i wish this video was still up, hard to find so many clips from the old tom green show now


as a bonus though i did find this



(the Dave Letterman impersonation he did on SNL mentioned earlier in this thread 5 years ago, lol)

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I'm trying to grasp exactly why it is that I agree and understand where Norm is coming from when so many people seem to object to what he is saying.

The only evidence he puts forward for his deeply held belief is his own intuition which he also admits is sometimes wrong. Nice!


"It's not even a belief it's something I just know." -  :facepalm: 


What even is god and how would you measure it?

Which of the thousands of gods should science disprove first and how can you disprove something which can't be experienced empirically in a quantifiable way?


I didn't realise Norm was so dumb. 


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He did a AMA recently.




barfyman 4057 points 10 days ago
What are your favorite fruits and vegetables?


ImNormMacdonald 17.5k points 10 days ago*
I guess Richard Simmons and Terri Schiavo, I'm now using Bob Hope's old writers.


Apparently he might get a Netflix show.

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I'm just going to blanket reply that YOU ( DLO included) are not getting it.


I will explain like, at some point or another. I ain't here thinking Norm is a genius but from that clip I see a lot of people responding to some shit that apparently they have a different interpretation of.


that i have a, um also different interpretation of'. lqtm

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