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Good podcasts?


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adam and joe!

third'ed. I flipping missed it last week due to lack of internezzles, I even got someone to email me the URL of the episode for my return as the BBC used to archive the last four weeks but it looks like they stop doing that now....

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It should still be on iTunes

Unfortunately that means downloading iTunes, and I ain't doin' that for no-one !


I'm just crossing my fingers that this URL will work in a couple of days when they put up this week's podcast:


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I stick to politics so here's a few:


Chapo Trap House 

Democracy Now


The Intercept

New Statesman Politics

Huff Po - Commons People

Pod Save the People

The Tip Off

NYT - Daily

Five Thirty Eight

NPR Politics

Talking Politics

The Guardian Long Read

The Guardian Politics Show

The Washington Post - Can he do that?

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