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Good podcasts?


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Politics Theory Other is great as is the connected Red Hacks where the presenter interviews lefty journos. 


That Kim Stanley one was great. Top dude. 





Really want to get into older classic sci-fi and he's up there on my list. Really neat intro to him, glad I stumbled upon it. Coincidently he has the same voice timbre and pleasantly aloof and eccentric vibe as a local DJ I like in Austin, John Aielli. He'll do a great interview then stumble around and say "gosh darnit" and fuck up a song queue despite working there since the 70s. John's also prone to rant about something he's skimming on wikipedia "look at how many varieties of coffee there are" or for no apparent reason make an excuse to play the theme from Twin Peaks or Bauhaus.



Sound like a good dj. 

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mission to zyxx


excellent improvised sci-fi comedy series. great play on familiar genre tropes. excellent sound design. highly highly recommended.

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My top 3 English podcasts at the moment:


1) Bang&Olufsen's "Sound Matters"

2) Gimlet Media's "Heavyweights"

3) Johnatan Zenti's "Meat" (Episode 1 "host's fat" is a masterpiece"



"The Heart"

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If you like paranomal / ghost shit and true crime horror, this one is good. aight




kind of moved away from this one, has some good moments but it's a bit too much "so I read on wikipedia" compared to these crime podcasts:


last podcast on the left


my favorite murder

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HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast is consistently good, gotta use Patreon for most new episodes but I think old stuff is available elsewhere. 

most of the rest of these suggestions I listen to some but not all episodes of: 

Imaginary Worlds

The Dark Histories Podcast

Strong Songs

The Allusionist

Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Planet Money


Wired Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy

Deep State Radio

Resident Advisor podcasts (very hit and miss tbh)

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SAYER, The White Vault, Knifepoint. All horror, all great. The first two are longform audio drama, Knifepoint is a bunch of standalone no-frills stories, not always obviously supernatural. I'm a fan of the episode "Staircase."

And I still highly recommend The Magnus Archives. More horror, starts as a monster-of-the-week thing, then sprawls out into some wonderful world building & metanarrative with all sorts of clues harking back to earlier episodes. Next year will be the last season. 

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#09 - Rattlesnake Compound and the Facility at Montauk with Umop Upisdn

Umop Upisdn comes to chat finally. Lion and Phillip (Cuthbert [Salv]) joins as well. We talk about evil snakes, Umop's career in reptile breeding, specifically the Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko, the mysterious and violent "Rainbow" people who live in the swamps in Florida, the facility at Montauk and tick experiments, and much more.


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Obscure just started its second season - Michael Ian Black reading a book, generally one chapter per episode. like a slow burn audiobook with occasional jokes/commentary. really enjoyable show. first season he read Jude the Obscure, this season is Frankenstein

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10 hours ago, MadameChaos said:

I've been listening to Adam Buxton for some time now, and it never disappoints. (sometimes have to fast forward through music)


There are some especially good ones with Louis Theroux and Joe Cornish.

Yeah I really like his podcast

i quite like his silly little ditties too


i like the Horne section podcast too, but it’s much more music based. just as silly


world needs more silly

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did you see my post? an mental patient edited podcasters singing about dicks and being gay over the famous songs they're pillorying. lovecraft can wait dude

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