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who the fuck is lady gaga and where did she come from?!@


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Guest Blanket Fort Collapse

Why does everyone love the bitch!?


statistically speaking, primarily only gay people love her and apparently their is a lot of gay people on this planet.

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I still don't think I've heard any of her songs.


i've only heard snippets in ads for ringtones of her tracks. it seems to me that her zany costumes is the big thing keeping her in the spotlight. a forgettable poptart who no one will remember in the long run, like the majority of the 00s crop.

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Guest Super lurker ultra V12

someone should probably make a jew list of everyone who has outed themselves to be extremely faggy in this thread. I haven't read a lot of this thread but I know they can start the turbo jew fag list with AJW and Lube Saibot

+blanket fort collapse

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Guest mafted

I can't believe she's so successful, everything she does is just plain irritating and attention seeking.



totally. but.. you, too, could be in the top 10 if you dropped those silly synths and started your dance routine!! you really need to have one of those synced dance routines .. i can't stress that enough.

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