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trance-influenced R&B

Guest A/D

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i've been loving this shit lately . . i can date it as far back as Justin Timberlake - My Love

couple more - Ne-Yo - Miss Independent

Akon - Beautiful (the whole Freedom album pretty much follows this formula)


i don't normally enjoy either genre but the fusion does it for me. it's kind of like trance w/mainstream hiphop production - good layering and drums, not so annoyingly fast, and autotuned vocals REALLY work for this (looking back i wish timberlake had autotuned/vocoded on his album). there's something addictive about that "dit-dit-dahh" synth pattern and sweet, punchy, laid-back drums.


any recommendations?

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the only one i really dug was the alice deejay one! i don't like the "dirty" trance sound (Bringing Sexy Back), just the cheesy bleepy synths and the ditditdah pads. thanks man!

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oh yeah i usually love T.I. but those "jazzy" chords just annoy me. this track

always reminds me of roygbiv in a big way. "whatever you like" is another trancey banger

You like my Hyundai? See my Hyundai?

I can take you to see your cousin Phil next Sunday


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Guest pantsonmyhead
Justin Timberlake - My Love


Exactly what I thought of when I read your thread title, lol.



that producer is off the chain

lotta folks think that's a timbaland beat but in all truth

timbaland's had this ghost producer by the name of danjahands who's just this last years started going on his own

dude is definitely responsible for tat beat along with this banger:


dude has a really good grasp on synthesis from my perspective...really enjoy the sounds in his beats

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