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Who can do a dizzee rascal impression


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Is there anyone here that can do an even vaguely decent impression of dizzee rascal's voice ? what it is is as part of a leaving present for a workmate I've decided to make her a custom ring tone version of the chorus from the dizzee rascal track - fix up look sharp:



Anyway I've managed to piece the track together essentially make an instrumental version. what I need to finish it though is replace the chorus- "Fix up look sharp, don't make me paint a bitch something get dark" to "Fix up look sharp, Alice your phone call's about to start".


I tried doing the vocals myself but I were way off. can anyone help me with a vocal recording of just those two lines (pm me if you don't want to post them here, I promise they won't get spread on these 'ere internets !)


Love you lots.


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Guest Gary C

Nope, I doubt I could. Good idea though, good luck with it.


Maybe your own voice wouldn't be such a bad thing though. Screw authenticity, it'll mean more to her. Hardly anyone likes their own voice when they hear it played back.

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