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I need a DJ name

Guest mrcopyandpaste

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Guest analogue wings

DJ :wizard:


I used to DJ parties as DJ Widow's Peak and DJ Dickies

Edited by analogue wings
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Dj Swine Flu

DJ Havershire

DJ Yorkshire

DJ Eggs & toast

DJ Buttered Muffin

DJ Biscuits are not cookies


DJ Acid Rephlux

DJ 909 Snare

DJ Pink Noise

DJ Toadstool

DJ Bowser

DJ MS Office

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DJ Cornish Pasties (not the ones on strippers nipples, the ones you eat)

DJ Obama Osama

DJ Rin Tin Tin

DJ SlapChop (alternatively DJ Slap'n'Chop)

DJ Snakebite Black

DJ That Runny Stuff At The End of Me Knob Is Just Smegma

DJ Margaret Thatcher's Illegitimate Love Child


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