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I need a DJ name

Guest mrcopyandpaste

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Guest ezkerraldean

DJ Auschwitz


oh yeah, forgot

some guy played at our union club a few months back, he called himself DJ 5000

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fire away


dude, i want to point out one thing... if the whole of your cognitive armada gets blowed up real good by the laborious task that is coming up with your dj name, then suffice to say, i never want to hear you dj.


if this was an exercise in campy latent bbs homoerotism that brings us together to talk about the convention of dj names, well then it's ok, but if you really need a dj name i mean holy shit dude i shit dj names by accident... like i always wanted to be DJ bin laden: the most hated dj in america (you know, the vic acid 12" is like "sail away" from the crystal light commercials for me) but like i realized i need to go deeper so i came up with dj tim osman, aka the asset.


go look it up, when bin laden, ex-cia-asset from the afghani/soviet wars, came to america his code name was tim osman.


while i like my dj name, i like my emessiah name for electronic music, and hey sinicalypse is kind of ok and downright fun when you watch girls fuck up how to pronounce it, i can only sit here and gaze towards the heavens with nothing but wonder of what *could* have been, no, what *should* have been if i wasn't so selfish with my damn artistry when i came up with these names and had i gone on watmm and pleaded for ideas, well, i wouldnt be here right now. i'd be waking up next to shakira in manhattan ready to play the madison square garden tonight... IF ONLY I HAD LISTENED TO WHATEMM3%$!#@

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