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if katy perry was mute i think i'd be in love with her


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Fook Me, it strikes again. 'Ave a look at that beaut. It's seriously the single best depiction of femininity that exists--there are no shit implants, leathered tanned skin, creepy fucking abdominal muscles/Madonna arms, no puffer fish collagen lips, and no shitty tattoos anywhere. Just healthy, natural, straight-up fucking delicious.


Yes, glad Im not the only one put off by girls getting tatted up

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tattoos on girls is a major putt off to me. I'm glad I never got any despite peer pressure and it being so "cool" at certain times in the past. I see so many great looking bodies, flowing curvy lines, and then BLAM ugly tattoo that looks like a horrible bruise or scar that just ruins the magic. Tattoos on guys isn't that bad b/c they don't have the exact same physical beauty that females can have. Although they can still be ruiners, especially the barbed wire across arm muscles, and stomach tattoos :x blech.

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