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universal indicator

Guest Calx Sherbet

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Guest Calx Sherbet

now i know there will be disagreements a plenty with mine, but:




-ultra violet



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no its mike dred as the kosmik kommander releasing un-released mike dred tracks under the album name Universal Indicator 5 (UI).



get it sorted out mate.


kosmik kommando

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i think that a record called Universal Indicator 5 by Kosmik Kommando is an (in my opinion) unfortunate, but indisputable addition to the UI series.


i wish it wasn't - i don't like it at all.


but the fact remains that it's called Universal Indicator 5 - Ultraviolet and it's by Kosmik Kommando. sure, it's not on Rephlex and was released a lot after the originals but so what? it's called UNIVERSAL INDICATOR 5 and it's by KOSMIK KOMMANDO for fuck's sake.


anyway, i can't be arsed any more. you don't want to include it - that's cool. I do - that's also cool.

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