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shit is awesome for the next 4 days

Chris Moss Acid

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i live fairly close to the airport and for the past 4 hours its been like living in world war 2, ive had lancaster bombers and spitfires fly over myhouse on the way yo the beach(the lancaster bomber was an emmense experience) along with vulcans and the red arrows and some of them old world war 1 planes with a propeller and 2 vertical wings flying in formation. last year i remmeber seeing a helicopter flying upside down twf!


very noisy but somewhat fun, its just started to piss down with rain so i cant see the planes anymore because of the thick black clouds.


if it wasnt stupidly stupidly busy down at the beach i would gone down, but its on for another day, but i dunno.


if you want to try and see any planes here is the airshows webcam stream



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my old man's a plane nut so i used to get dragged along to leuchar's air show every year as a nipper... used to love it.


now in my cynical old age i think they're a completely unnecessary wank fest, pissing contest, a huge waste of money, display of power, bollocks.


i've seen an upside down helicopter too though. mental!

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