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The AntiXhrist Jam (not idmz)


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This is sneaksta303 circa '99 on a 4 track then cool edit, doing his best john lennon for some reason. i hate The Beatles for the most part.




Anywho, this is a fun little guitar jam.



EDIT: In retrospect (this was 10 years ago mind you), I think I may have pitched this whole song up something like, 2 keys or something.

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Here's another one from the same era. I'm playing all the instruments.






Believe it or not, I can do a KILLER Glenn Danzig. I'm starting a Misfits cover band actually.

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Guest David R James

This is pretty good, i enjoyed it loads. The rotary effect towards the end on the first track was well noice.

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Were you seriously called sneaky pete? thats fuckin awesome


that was an old nickname some guy (he had the coolest last name: Mansavage) gave me back in high school for various reasons... The sneaky part of the name has gone through many variations over the years. Sneaks, Sneaky, Sneakers, Da Peta.... I have since tried to shed that part of my life though, so Sneaky Pete is officially dead. I'm really hoping to find the other track from these "sessions" but I can't find it anywhere.

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i was digging this until i pressed add reply an dthe music stopped


but i might just add that there is a very famous sneaky pete whoo is big on the pedal steel in the byrds and the flying burrito brothers

the 2 of the gretest bands of all time


fuck idm fuck eldcrtonic music


pedal steel is wher ethe fuck its at yall



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