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3 Faderfoxes, Echo Indigo DJ, Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 Pro

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It’s with great reluctance I do this… but time for me to let some pieces of gear go, today’s selection being my trusty live set. Ideally I’d like to sell the Faderfox controller collection as one single lot for around £500, as it would make a great portable Ableton Live setup, but in the interests of pragmatism, I’ve put the controllers on eBay individually too.


There’s the LV1, LD2 and LX2, currently tucked up in a Pelican 1470 briefcase (an amazingly expensive, over-engineered crushproof-and-waterproof case with which you could probably bludgeon a whole gaggle of ninjas to death), alongside a dependable MIDISport 2×2 USB interface.


I’m also selling my live soundcard, an Echo Indigo DJ (the PCMCIA version), which has been resolutely rock-solid in operation, offering two separate stereo outputs (handy for keeping a click in your headphones, with the house mix leaving via a sperate line-out).


Next on the ‘Bay are my Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 Pro, a nice set of in-ear monitors with a selection of foam and silicone tips from which to choose.

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