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Whats everyone's age?


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I'm just bored and I've wondered what the average age demographic is on here. Since I can't post a poll (either due to my own inadequecy or that its actually not something I'm capable of) I figured I'd just get us to list them.


I'm 20

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Guest beatfanatic

Just turned 51... didn't think I was going to make another year...


thats a good enough reason to cook and sell meth

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I just figure it helps put the discussion into a bit of context. I from the results in this thread i'm guessing the average age on here is probably 30, 35 or so but for some reason I thought the vast majority were around my age



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Guest placidburp

3 member(s) have a birthday today


Funktion (19), bubbhasdance (19), Mesh Gear Fox (18)


Edit: Happy Birthday u guyz

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