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building a statue to commemerate the awesomeness of anstromm-feck 4


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seriously, i love aphex twin like favorite musician i found god and vice versa through his records, etc, but like, this track is in a special place. nothing else is even close to it, it's fucking perfect music like atom and his package, just.. wow. i always envision the electronic gremlin from gremlins 2, you know the one in the computers, hes in the track and hes wielding the power to roll the drums like no human can ever do (i played my techyes mix for someone the other day and when taht cut came on and they were mindblown i was like "yeah i'd go gay for his drummer. i'm used to sticking my dick in computers anyways"


but yeah once i'm rich from my unrequited brilliance, i want to build a statue to commemerate the awesomeness of this track.


i'm thinking a tazmanian devil whirlwind with the rising head of jenkinson coming out and a middle finger along with a shit eating grin and then a plate taht says, in latin, "i'm the fucking daddy"


any other ideas?!@ let's build, literally, and not battle peoples

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