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adventures in rapping: special "revenge of the nerd" edition


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ok so like hey whattem i'm risking it all here like i have to be fatalistic to pretend i have something to say. first off to see why im about to talk this mad shit peep

http://sinicalypse.kaen.org/rapsteez/you%20just%20caught%20a%20bad%20one%20dipshit.mp3 the writtens are comign along excellent mister burns mwahahhahahhdsas;ojf;kdf


joyrex and the stonecutters: this post has substance to it that track needs to be there to explain why im doing what i do... so forgive me. i dont mean to grandstand, i just happen to be the best and whenever i do my normal thing it comes off like grandstanding.




so i leave the crib circa 8pm with 10 copies of "thee sin ov thee sinical apocalypse" my first proper EP which i'll have up for you and dutifully posted to EKTYLC someday like i need y'all approval and i make 10 copies. 9 are 8 tracks, 3 writtens, 4 rees, and

my pimpass disco mix at the end. yeah. i'm justified and futuristic like the newschool klf kickin out the jams like aphex twin's MC5 acid. peep the references: i worked at a library for 8 years. I USED TO GET PAID TO WATMM MWAHHAHDFASLKFJLSAKDJF


ok but i cant be that much of a cunt despite the fact i'm sinicalyptical seeyounexttuesday on the scene, but yeah my shit is dope like y'all gonna need detox if you fuck with me. so i make 9 copies of the pimp CD and make one special limited edition with my phone number in it, number 10/10 and 3+7=10 like my 37s always intact, so i take my cds and head out to the city with all of $40 in my pocket (and i put $18 change on the table for grandpa when i got home) so i get on the yellow line. fine goth bitch in a little black dress and some doc martens so hey you're my demo but she sees me pull out a cd and runs for the hills. undeterred i get on the yellow line and wait for what's in store... would you believe like 5 secs b4 the train leaves a bitch 5x as fine as the one i wanted to give the inaugeral copy of thee sin ov thee sinical apocalypse to shows up?!@ i approach her.



"hi my name is james like lebron and fret not, i'm not stupid enough to try and pick you up. girl, look at you, you're so fine it's like... fuck that, you're my demographic. this is my first EP and it's fucking sick like i'm the next eminem i'm real enough to say it, next aphex twin too if you know who that is. just like... look at you, you're going to live a fabulous life like i'd cut off a nut to live for 5 days as you, so like, if i can make your life that much cooler with this cd, that's what i'm put on earth to do"


so she uh... takes it, i dont leave the bitches much choice and that is key to the game. and like, i see it sitting next to her OMFG!@#$#@$#@ hottt like peep the 3 ts i aint fuckin around and she grabs it b4 she gets off the train. it was the 10 min yellow line, so i see her @ howard station and say "hey btw i know you dont know what to make of me, but look, wonder woman needed a lasso to make guys tell the truth... you dont need no lasso, girl, i mean i aint comin to you weak i'm comin to you stronger than super saiyajin 2 majin vegeta fiddin'ta go apeshit and destroy 2/3 of minnesota like ho-hum nobody cares about me and my pimpass world. just do ya thang and that cd will make your life better. .. i'm the wyld stallyns of rap, my shit is here to save the future like i'm from there, straightup timelord like where my timelords at?!@ oh wait im the last one"


turn around and walk away.


so i'm str8up deft to death in my execution of hitting up a fine half-firenegine-red-dyed-hair in OG runDMC adidas with a cd, she was like omfg free cd thanks!#$@ proper, i know my demo.. and then OMFG THE BITCH IN THE BROWN. we's fiddin'ta give hawaiian tropic a run for their money. so i come across a gothy lookin ragdoll girl in a party dress with a tightass body and killer eyes and the obligatory maroon-to-black here. she knows who my life with teh thrill kill kult is, and like, i mention taht i got a free tkk sexplosion poster from my record store today (kstarke records represent: division and western next to the subway in chicago: rep hard when you're in town thats my guy there) and shes a tkk fan so it's like, sigh, "i'm the electric messiah, teh ac/dc god, aka emessiah, i've been mashing beats under that name for approximately 12 years" NO LIE. and like, her name is marsha... hey marsha, holy shit girl, why couldnt you be on the brady bunch?!@ that's appointment television if you're on there. bam. so she has the cd and is mulling it over but i take this shit to the next level like Y'ALL GRABBED THE FLAGPOLE (download that cut and find out the full brunt of my power) and go "are you special?!@" she goes "look at me" i say "if i say whats on my mind you'll never talk to me again, call it a hunch... but look, i have one special limited edition cd with extra tracks and a free gift (i found a little stuffed animal technicolour bunny on the ground, perfect, strictly the hardcore dirty street level hits god's on my side so watch what the devil gets" so i hand her the bunny she's ZOMFG WTF YOU'RE GIVING ME THIS!?@ i said "you say you're worth the special edition, prove me wtong" so i hit her up and shes like HOW DO I GET A HOLD OF YOU?!@


girl, you got the special edition. the phone number is in there. can you read s-i-n-i-c-a-l-y-p-s-e?!@ google that. it's all me.


so she's ZOMFGWTFBBQ nad like, as she's walking out we're jawing hardcore back and forth she's like "have a good night" and im like "call it a hunch that my night was just made": bam, off into the distance girl. jimmy's got ya faded like you cant have safe sex without me, ask BDP or eazy-E (RIP)


so she goes and from here there's about 5 more hot run of the mill girls who are getting blasted with the pyramid blaster and you know how i roll, pillsbury. so shit gets fun when im at rainbo club and im out of CDs having just given the last one to this OMFG@#%$@# supercorrie in glasses and like, i drop the cd on her with a coaster saying "hi, you're cute / my demographic, i'm the jam, smuckers. they call me admiral awesome. that's right, ADMIRAL FUCKING AWESOME and im here to make your life better. i'm from the future. i know how this works" and put that on top of a cd that i drop in front of her. now, i walk by to make sure her other friend aint try to grab it cuz i go up to this girl, owning the momnent like i bought it on ebay, like, "hey i want you to know that cd is for you. you have this strange resemblence to my future ex-wife. i'm a timelord, last of the timelords, so the future is my past."




so whilst outside this LDKASJF;LKDJVFGSADJVGPJFADSPVADSPFJVDFASP bitch like why'd i give out all my cds comes by, so i spit some game, she challenges me to free. WRONG MOVE, BITCH. like, i kill it and her friend is on haterade dragging her inside. so i go in, chisel tip sharpie always locked and loaded in my back right picket, tat up anoither rainbo club drink coaster with the same kind of game y'all just heard, altho i think i told this one "you're the finest woman i've seen tonight. you know it, i know it, let's stop fucking around... admiral awesome here on some oldschool expos like andre dawson BLAH BLAH BLAH" and drop it on her whilst saying "say what you want about me and you're probably right, but you have to give me two things: 1) i have a huge set of balls and 2) i have the best taste in women in the universe like hey miss universe i'm the doctor you've been waiting your whole life to meet me"


seriously, wackass heroin addict sini is kicking game like this with a perfectly straight face. high five anyone?!@


so then i see the megan fox doppleganger... and like, this is the ill shit and why i'm sitting outside a library at 2am to tell the story why it's fresh in my head... i mack it to her like she aint used to dudes comin on like me cuz, SURPRISE, THERE AINT NOBODY LIKE ME. and i tat up the coaster and give it to her and she disses me when im talkin about the 10 fine bitches the 10 copies of the cd sorry im out of them. then she walks out. i chase that ass outside and go REAL LOUD LIKE "OH HELL NO MEGAN FOX YOU AIN'T FIDDIN'TA DISS ME" so i give her the coaster she says "sorry you were just comin at me weird" and i go "thats cuz i am weird, thats whty imma make it... i dont give a fuck like redman, girl" and she takes the coaster back. cue a plump rotund etc lesbian running out "OMFG WHERE R U GOING?!@" i retort "wherever the fuck she wants" and she points at me and says "THERE'S A MAN WHO GETS IT" (bitch, you aint even know. i'm the orgasm defenestration station like need some windex for your glass on that caustic window?!@) and then i remind her that i forgot her name, and to be honest, i still dont know it.. i'm no good at reemembering a girl's name. face body fashion, boom, i got you like track 13 on del's 11th hour, but like, names?!@ i go to her "hey whats my name i forgot it?!@"




i gotta be real with y'all i'm getting a boner just thiniing about how fine this bitch is.


so what have we learned tonight!?@ jim got no numbers, but the street legend is growing like my dick when in the presence of fine bitches. see, i said on a free ~3-4 years ago that i'm so dope i can quote my own freestyles, and say whatever you will about my sad sack delusional thinks-he's-the-shit existence, tell me my cadence sucks my beats are jacked i have no branding image marketing whastever the fuck you hung-up-on-money-mohterfuckers-like-y'all-aint-ever-gonna-make-real-bread, sun maid raisin girl, motherfuckers wanna tell me.... i'm making it like the band even tho puff daddy can personally fucking blow me. lyrics born signs his tweets "still the funkiest" SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STOP TRYING TO SELL ME THE SAME FUCKING EP OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND TELL ME ABOUT SHOWS IN COLORADO I DONT CARE ABOUT. i sign my tweets "4ever the realest" cuz peep my twitter @ www.twitter.com/aphexedvexed --- hollywood cats need to take notice, thats how you do it, and i dont care if y'all wanna put sini in the corner for being too dope and delete me from this board, like, i'm gonna do what i do and if y'all think you can stop me... god bless, it'll be the first in the long line of mistakes you're about to make.

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shutup. grow a pair. do heroin for 8 years. jock the most balls out brilliant rap for ~8 years before you fuck off into jay-z and tupac and then who the fuck is big L?!@


live my life, which you can't, and then you can be me, which you can't.


i like your balls and your spirit i get it i mean what would i do if someone at me came like this?!@


buy them a beer. that's what i'd do.


* waits for my beer *

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[quote name=sinicalypse' date='30 August 2009 - 02:09 AM' lots of words


I ALWAYS read sini's post. ALWAYS. he is an ex junk head like me, and we used to live fairly close to one another.


That said TL;DR


EDIT: I didn't mean to quote sini's long ass post

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Sini you have a great heart man and I always get a kick out of you; plus your flow ain't half bad. But, real talk, you come off like someone on fire in the manic phase of bipolar disorder. I've worked in psych. wards for 7 years now and your posts and raps look identical to what people turn in to me on paper at work. It's great though--some of the most creative shit I've ever seen comes out of manic people but it's like lightning or fire because you have to harness it to make it useful. It's also curious that you'll have extended periods of WATMM hiatus and then come back 90 to nothin. Look, I told you real talk myself--I take psychotropic medication as well but every post after this will be some shit talking I'm sure, but consider what I'm saying. Just offering a nigga some advice.




except part of me suspects that sini is clowning around

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Sini you have a great heart man and I always get a kick out of you; plus your flow ain't half bad. But, real talk, you come off like someone on fire in the manic phase of bipolar disorder. I've worked in psych. wards for 7 years now and your posts and raps look identical to what people turn in to me on paper at work. It's great though--some of the most creative shit I've ever seen comes out of manic people but it's like lightning or fire because you have to harness it to make it useful. It's also curious that you'll have extended periods of WATMM hiatus and then come back 90 to nothin. Look, I told you real talk myself--I take psychotropic medication as well but every post after this will be some shit talking I'm sure, but consider what I'm saying. Just offering a nigga some advice.


fuck you, asswipe. i make tracks like

http://sinicalypse.kaen.org/rapsteez/legend%20of%20the%20modelfucker.mp3 like its noon on sunday what are you doing?!2 oh yeah busting off mixes like
http://sinicalypse.kaen.org/djtimosman/dj%20tim%20osman%20-%20there%20is%20no%20such%20thing%20as%20intelligent%20dance%20music.mp3 HAPPY SUNDAY WORLD I COME WITH GIFTS FOR YOU... and the fine bitches on the L. they're getting cds that they can sell on ebay for $100+ in a few years if they're hardup for loot.


what am i supposed to do?!@ wait for underground chicago rapper cats to embrace me and go up through the underground slow like i'm not the shit i'm just paying my dues?!@ wtf?!@ they'll fucking abhor me cuz i'm 10 times more talented than them, and my musical tastes roll so deep i aint just a hiphop head, i'm a superhumanhiphophead, aceyalone.


going back to like, 4th grade when i put on weight, i've been beaten up randomly ridiculed and lambasted and made to think i'm this piece of shit when in reality it's just that i'm so brilliant everyone wants to step on me to feel better about themselves. i took it like a bitch for ~28 years of my life... WELL NOT NO MORE. i dont have regular watmm havits cuz i dont have regular habits cuz i'm not regular, decaf, and that's why i'm gonna make it. hell, that's why i'm making it like EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY.


my life is a super techno party / rap show 24/7/365 and i'm sick of y'all product-of-society motherfuckers telling me what to do. i'm the fucking brilliant one here, not you, and this plan has been slowly marinating for 12-13 fucking years, technically since late 94 when i first heard ab4 and found the number 37.


all i went through with blows and failure was readying me for this moment... i walk down the street with a cd-r of mny album on every finger with my right hand and literally throw them in gorgeous girls' faces. that's the legend... little kids come up to me and they're like, "omfg ur that crazy rapping dude" yes i am imma be dat redman like if redman is redman HIIII MEET WHITEMAN.


i'm better than eminem and i'm never selling out cuz i'm justified and futuristic like the newschool KLF that i am. i'm the next aphex twin like my grandfather is alfred schaefer, my dad is scott alfred schaefer, and i'm james scott schaefer. guess what i'm gonna name my kid, i wont even say it cuz i dont hyave to i can lead you like my last name in german means "northern highlands shepherd" i'm here to lead you, flock.


now look, i have to be egotistical as shit to make it in the entertainment world. sorry, y'all are aphex twin jockriders get used to it. just cuz you knew me as sini regular joe schmoe watmmer means you're going to trip on me and unwillingly enact the societal defense mechanism to knock me down call me crazy "put me in my place" and tell me what i need to do to be more like you. say whatever you want, your subconscious doesnt lie and i know how society works.


just wait til i film rap/techyes music videos outside of the bilderberg group meetings someday. you have no idea where i'm going, adn i do cuz i'm last expo last timelord massive represent OH WAIT IM THE ONLY ONE, TIGGER, MWAHAHHSDFHAS


call me crazy, you're damn right. http://www.myspace.com/sinicalypse --- peep the redman video under the "who i'd like to meet" section, read: who i'm going to meet. talking to me is like talking to him. i'm crazy in a good way, i believe liek the etmyology of the word sinicalyse means the sin ov thee sinical apocalypse, meaning YOU GOTTA BELIEVE OTHERWISE THE APOCALYPSE IS COMING.


sleep easy friends, the apocalypse has to go through me like i'm sinicalypse, a more advanced version of you.


i truly am the doctor... i live a whimsical life of fancy and of course you're going to hate me for it on some level cuz you wish you were living my life. that's going to be made painfully obvious to you over the next few years.


get over it, and i'll entertain your nuts off.. mmmmmk?!@


sorry i gotta be such a dick, but we have to knock off all haterade as i make my ascension, whether that's to the top of the fo'real music world, or to the top floor penthouse suite of the mental clinic cuz the corporate masters will try to strike me down someday. thats why i point skyward and know god's got my back: strictly the dirty hardcore street level hits god's on my side so watch what the devil gets posivitiy rollin 50 levels deep comin out the comin out the comin out the woofers in my jeep --- masta ace, from born to roll. available on my next rap mix which will be churned out for tomorrow.


i cant reveal the trade secrets, but this is an exciting time to be a fan of mine. trust me on this one

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see sini the bit i really dont like about you is your pure arrogance. i dont know if it's an 'act' but when your saying your brilliant and everything, just makes me think your a total dick.


maybe if you cut that shit out i might give a fuck what your saying/doing. but i cant be doing with anyone who has an ego the size of russia.

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dude i claim newschool KLF, right?!@ well myspace has put the kabosh on me uploading to http://www.myspace.com/sinicalypticalcunt


they have SOFTWARE that automatically determines if the first howevermany bars of a song are identical to a copywritten/major-label/we-pay-to-say-FUCKYOU-cuz-we-rule-the-music-world song and if it is, they shut you down and threaten deletion i've taken that copyright quiz 6 times and now they wont let me take it no more. SEE?!@ THE CORPORATE MASTERS ARE FIGHTING BACK.


thank god i'm a justified ancient of mu mu sworn to fight those corporatist fascists from the inside, outside, and from outer space in my star destroyer if need be. really, i've got one under a tarp in my garage in case some gelled hair douchebag in a new mustang with rims rolls by its like BLAM MOTHERFUCKER, HOW YOU ROLLIN NOW?!@#




"it's all about game, nothing else" - redman

"if i was nice, motherfucker, i wouldn't be here" - redman


i find myself turning to redman's brilliant 2nd LP "dare iz a darkside" more and more as the walls of my word come crashing down thanks to products-of-society trying to keep me from making them look bad so they can salvage some sort of self-respect in the wake of my magnanimous stead.


seriously, when i walk down the street i often dont stop evne if it's like red light i'm jaywalking (what, are you gonna arrest me like tupac?!@ i didnt need to antangonize cops bsing him for jaywalking to go to jail for my cred, i done got mine already) and when i dont even break my stride and in fact accelerate at cars whizzing by me cuz my timing is like, dude i make electronic music betterer than you, like, i scream out "SYNCHRONICITY BOWS IN MY MAGNANIMOUS STEAD" and people look at me like wtf?!@ but i live for that. it keeps me going, and suffice to say it flows so naturally from me i'mma be amused for the rest of my life.


NEW SHIT. i upgraded my seminal freestyle classic from the currently-being-assembled "morton grove's finest: a freestyle history 2009 (vol 2) -- btw rip big L you really got a wigga jacked up on his rap game like "hey i can do that and shout out one of the most brilliant unknown rappers at the same time?!@ score"


i wanted to upgrade the version on my myspace, for all i know thats what they busted me for... it'd be fitting, cuz i mean, slug needs lawyers to stop me. he cant do it rapping producing or out-cooling. he fell the fuck off of after modern man's hustle?!@ need proof?!@ attachment time.


btw imma mail a cdr of this to rhymesayers as batshit mental yet the distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success (watch me enjoy the success phase of my life, bitches) as i can go, and like, it's win win for me. lsug says nothing like goes "man that guy is nuts" and continues making wack music for wack 17 year old white bitches, file him under AWN. ain't want none. SINI WINS: BABALITY.


if he tries to respond, first of all he gives me instant credibility, second of all... "you're entering a world of pain, smokey. A WORLD OF PAIN. THIS ISN'T NAM, THERE ARE RULES HERE"


in this scenario?!@ SINI WINS: FLAWLESS VICTORY... FATALITY@##@!$


=D =D =D


lyrics born signs his tweets still the funkiest... ha, i lvoe dude but he aint met me yet. the shit will stop like canibus' rap career when he does. i sign mine "forever the realest"


forever the realest


# jimmy (as in you cant have safe sex without me. TAKE YOUR BEST SHOT, BITCHES)


p.s. i made this when i was penniless (i pay it forward, i only had $1.50 of change and my weekendpass left, and i saw one of the neighborhood bag ladies... she needs the money more than i do, foreal) and on a metra train driving home like "how can i make the world a better place?!@"

you can\'t imagine how much fun i\'m having not being atmosphere.mp3

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see sini the bit i really dont like about you is your pure arrogance. i dont know if it's an 'act' but when your saying your brilliant and everything, just makes me think your a total dick.


maybe if you cut that shit out i might give a fuck what your saying/doing. but i cant be doing with anyone who has an ego the size of russia.


dude, you know i respect you. i'll say it bluntly: this will be my front, much like tupac faked being a thug to brand thug life cuz he was making black empowerment records and sees all these thugs selling millions rapping like shit and he goes "THUG LIFE" and all of a sudden, seeing as tupac is brilliant, he kicked those motherfuckers in the nuts.


find some of those undergroundish tupac documentaries... find the bitches he rolled with. tupac was a generous man, not a player, a true lover instead of a player he had like 3-4 girls around the country and he bought em benzes and houses and fucked the shit out of them and never disrespected them.


i'm the same way. i'll tell you god aphex anyone im the shit like you better not be out of toilet paper, but hang out and have a beer with me on a one-on-one level and dude, i'm the realest motherfucker ever. i'm like that, but i ain't like that, feel me?!@


i have to do this man. what do you think about redman?!@ thats what im trying to do.


my style is so sick random people nod their heads and me and put the fist in the air sometimes when i walk down the street.


imma be pure arrogance on a bulletin board cuz i predate the internet i used to call dialup bbses to the tune of a $150/month phonebill when i was 14. the art of shit-talking is ingrained in me and i do it better than anyone else... and didnt you read any of my posts where i said "hey im gonna come off liek the biggest dick ever but trust me it's me this is part of hte plan dont trip on me i'm just working on my legend?!@"


i'm mossman massive. i shout you and start off my new mix with you. if you really think that i think i'm god, even tho i am indeed the electric messiah the ac/dc god, then you never really knew me, mister smojphace.


oh wait i'm starting to look like the phantom of the opera FUCK #%$$!#@$%@!$@!#


* puts on his mask *





(all part of the plan. forgive me, i'm doing exactly what i need to be doing in my life right now. i've got 10 thousand of bills coming on my birthday, sept 8th, so i've gotta say fuck the world get on my pimpgame. when i say fuck the world, it doesnt include my homies, and if you didnt knwo that, then i guess you wasnt ever my homey)



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too bad youre too much of a chickenshit to compete with the best (example: me). Sure you can hide under your guises like you have better shit to do, but we all know youre just sitting on your thumb giving yourself pats on the back for a handful of beats you recorded with a talkboy.

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Guest countchocula

Sini, was that actually you rapping? If so that wasn't bad. It sounded kind of like atmosphere though which leads me to believe it wasn't you.

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ok like you dumbasses challenged my underground cred like i'm just some shit-talking punchline rapper. unless you want me to be a 42 year old fat guy playing "underground" shows at some lameass bar for 10 people (such is theocide's future if he even still makes music... THEME TO MANHUNTER ROCKED DUDE. I THINK IM READY TO RAP FOR YOUR RECORD LABEL, YOU CLOSETED FUCKING HOMO *TRYIN'TA GET MY ADDRESS LIKE LET YOU SEND ME WEED?!@ DO YOU THINK IM DAFT, YOU WANNABE PUNK?!@*) someday in some parallel universe i'll sooner bring to an end than allow to exist, let me do my "fuck the world" whiteman-is-to-redman-thing to build up some OMFG amongst str8forward cats, and when you need some real shit from a real dude... welp, then all's you gotta do is stick your ears to this one.


keep in mind i accidentally taped over my 2nd half of season 1 so it's short a few samples from its final for-the-world version... i just wanna give this to you now.... cuz like, i know who i am and what i'm capable of even if the rest of the world is 10 times slower than me (the truth is it's 37 times slower than me) OH YEAH as for my tape, dude, i know but it's for the 100 greatest rap music videos of all time.. i gotta watch that and study the shit, you know, market research... i am my own r&d dept.


i'm also my own intergalactic asskicking department. thank you jesus. seriously guys i aim to please and people like cma comin at me like i'm really a dickhead dumbass rapper feeling himself like he's masturbating?!@


i am claiming modelfucker before i've technically fucked a model, tho my ex could model if she lost some weight and got a titty reduction... no bs.


still tho JESUS HORATIO CHRIST IMPALED ON MY MIGHTY MAJESTIC RAPPING PHALLUS, do you even know who i really truly am!?@ i'm making mighty big claims about kopyright liberation fronts being revived through me, and like, did you ever for even a microsecond think i wasnt going to live up to my claims?!@ or maybe y'all just trying to antagonize me to motivate me... either way, thanks for doing your part in the creation of this... keep putting your textual asses out there, cuz i need to keep my foot in gameready condition with some practice swats here and there =P


oh yeah as a subtext i had to tell off a girl today... i played her the legend of the modelfucker (SERIOUSLY I NEED A OG NES 8-BIT ZELDA BEAT FOR THE REMIX. where the fuck is saskrotch when you need him?!@ * gets on aim * anyways like, this girl hears it and says "well first of all the beat sucks" ok, i know she sucks... you can't diss my life with the thrill kill kult. here i am protecting chicago from bigtime wankstaz like kanye on a fucking thrill kill kult beat like whats crustier and oldschool FOREAL fucking chicago than the thrill kill kult?!@ i've been making beats as emessiah for ~12-13 years... like, this bitch tells me that i said nothing in that track and like, i even interject "but i'm so fucking clever, thats the point, i dont wanna bore the str8forward audience.. i wanna be general like my banter" ok i didnt say that but you know im a chameleon forever adapting to my situation... like, she said "well who are you going to sell this to?!@"


i retort "why the fuck do you think i make music, you insolent peasant?!@"


and thats when i realized... holy fucking shit i'm turning into squarepusher =D =D =D

doctor me.mp3

Edited by sinicalypse
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yo, read this advice Sini:


A. Listen to this advice. I want to help you. I have some sort of mental disorder, and I assume that you do too. I'm not talking down to you, I think you have good skills on the mic, we have similar goals in music (I see you as a competitor in some ways), and I know I don't know you but the shit you say here worries me somewhat.


B. You aren't insane. There is no such thing, it's a dirty word made up over time that needs to disappear. But you don't seem to have a good grip on reality. You need to develop a better attachment to the "real world," and accept that this "real world" does exist. Your world is different from the real world, that I understand. But there needs to be a compromise between your world and the world that your potential fans live in. Basically, try to come down from your mania for a little while.


C. You probably hate being given advice. And there is nothing I can do to make you listen or give two shits about what I'm saying, but try, please. I don't think you can possibly be successful unless you start putting more effort into your recordings. I'm not going to be the one to tear you down from wherever you are in the clouds, but your production is terrible. Your voice is muffled and your beats are not well organized. That said your lyrical abilities and delivery are enjoyable. Please understand that I'm giving you this advice not to be critical but because you do have talent and you seem to be completely clueless as to how to use it. Don't take offense to that, just perhaps know that I'm giving you genuine criticism that there is pretty much no doubt you should have an open mind to. You shouldn't do the egotistical thing until you have actual work that you think people are listening to and enjoying, and you know yourself that you can get away with it. For now try to subdue that side of yourself, whether or not it's an act.


whatever. I don't know your history but just to put things into perspective - your posts are so out there that there are many times when I seriously, seriously think that you're just a GENIUS troll. Then I read a bit more and realize that you're not joking around (at least that's my final conclusion as of right now - though the line between seriousness and hilarity is a confusing one with you). I hope that doesn't piss you off, but I just thought you should know. Anyway brother, buy a nice microphone and make a mixtape. Put some work into that shit!


Then again this whole post could be an embarrassment, because you might be clowning around.

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