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Your IDM Albums of the Decade

Guest Ricky Downtown

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Brandi B, props for the Matmos inclusions. stupid of me to not include Chance to Cut and Rose Has Teeth. Those two albums are phenomenal. I never got into Civil War as much and I sort of thought Supreme Balloon was a bit dry.


Civil war is the jam! It's so odd, it's just...odd. I dunno, I can't describe that album, that's what I love about it. If you didn't know they were "electronic" musicians you'd almost think it was some weird civil war music cd you bought in a gift shop at a history museum, but it got messed up in the pressing process and has all these glitches on it.


Supreme Balloon had me hooked instantly, but then I lost a little interest in it. BUt then it came back and I really love that album now. The thing about it is, it was a very DIFFERENT album for them. It was mainly a "synthesizer" album, whereas all their other stuff is chopped up samples, granular synthesis, weird edits, and then some synths here and there, but mostly samples. So knowing that I really appreciate what they did with supreme balloon. Certainly not the best "synth" album by far, but for them it's wonderful. They took a really unique approach to the "sounds and textures" of synths, instead of "check out this awesome distorted filter sweep from my vintage million dollar one of a kind synth" approach (not that I don't enjoy that one too though).


I will say I didn't fully appreciate it until I put it on during a time I was relaxing one night, twiddling around with my guitar, doing some internetting, and not much else, and it just made sense all of a sudden. I think i was a bit put off at first b/c I was expecting the usual matmos "instant weirdness and craziness" but it is a slow developer, and knowing who they are as a duo and their past releases helps understand this one for me. The fact that they are lovers also always makes me like their stuff, I don't know why, maybe I sense their connection thru their music :unsure:



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i can still dig Rainbow Flag. the rest hasn't really clicked (damn my 3.50 long attention span!!)


Yeah rainbow flag is my fav off that album. Try doing what I did, and put it on in the background when you are just loafing about, that's what really kicked it in for me. I can enjoy it the same way I enjoy SAW 85-92, though it's no where near as moody as SAW.

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man 2001, what a great fucking year. I wish I was into idm back then, i would have jizzed myself in new releases.

yes, I remember sharing and burning a lot of those albums for friends at college back then. A lot of the raver runoff from the 90's was turning into the dj trance and dnb craze and a lot of those people were usually wide-eyed when i played them stuff like drukqs and go plastic. A lot of the trancey/goa ppl really liked plaids double figure too. They helped me appreciate trance and dnb in return. Oh even tho not a 2001 release pretty much any photek was widely appreciated. I actually bought all those albums too as my school just that year implemented some kind of internet connection failure or 1/k s download time if you were trying to use a p2p :(. But they couldn't stop the school wide file sharing, which was awesome.


I had a shared folder on the network called "cool electronic music to listen to while stoned" which was hit up quite often. The speeds were incredible for local network file sharing. Almost like just copying and pasting a folder with a small delay.

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Guest analogue wings

yeah I dragged my DNB obsessed mate along to see Aphex live in Jan 03. I said "he MIGHT play some of his crazy DNB type stuff".


he played like a 10 minute version of Mt St Michel and my mate's brain melted :emotawesomepm9:

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Yeah, 2001 was the peak, I think. There have been good moments since but not in any concentrated form like 2001. Maybe it will hit its stride again in 2010 or 2011.

from other IDM artists possibly, but I highly doubt from those same ones. Especially since a lot of their styles have changed a lot. That was the last autechre album I enjoyed (confield).

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we may have another 1997/2001 coming up shortly, that's if the boc and aphex stuff get released at the same time


well campfire headphase/analord and untilted were all released in 2005 yet nobody seems to consider that a vintage year.

i got into this music around 2001 and it was great, rediscovering all the classic albums while stuff like druqks, go plastic, double figure, doll doll doll all coming out around the same time. its all been downhill folks.

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yeah loads of great electronic music records in 2001 :


Endless Summers by Fennesz

Ovalcommers by Oval

Aaltopiri (or something) by Pan Sonic

Druqks by Afx

Confield by Ae

Wasted sunday by Ovuca

Go plastic by Squarepusher

Virtual Geisha by Japanese Telecom


must be the peak of the post rave electronic music. lots of stuff are released now but that was a special era i guess.

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2000 - Rushup Edge

2001 - Rushup Edge

2002 - Rushup Edge

2003 - Rushup Edge

2004 - Rushup Edge

2005 - Rushup Edge

2006 - Rushup Edge

2007 - Confederation Trough

2008 - Rushup Edge

2009 - Rushup Edge

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2000: BOC - Geogaddi, Speedy J - A shocking hobby

2001: Aphex - Drukqs, Ae - Confield, Gridlock - Trace, Phoenecia - Brown Out, Proem - Negativ

2002: Somatic Responses - Dying Language, Amon Tobin - Out from out where

2003: Aphex - 26 Mixes, Ae - Draft 7.30, Clark - Bones, Meam - the L, Monolake - Momentum, Plaid - Spokes,

2004: Intricate - In Pectra, Kelpe - Sea inside body,

2005: Ae - Untilted, Mr Oizo - Moustache, Somatic Responses - Pounded Mass,

2006: Clark - Body Riddle, Flying Lotus - 1983, Tycho - Past is prologue

2007: Cepia - Natura Morta, Clark - Turning Dragon, Puzzleweasel - Exo-grid,

2008: Ae - Quaristice, Lotus - Los Angeles,

2009: Clark - Totems Flare, Robert Logan - Inscape, Somatic Responses - Mercury (more dubstep than IDM but whatevs)


if I had to pick one for each year:


2000: Boards of Canada - Geogaddi

2001: Phoenecia - Brown Out

2002: Somatic Responses - Dying Language

2003: Autechre - Draft 7.30

2004: Intricate - In Pectra

2005: Autechre - Untilted

2006: Clark - Body Riddle

2007: Puzzleweasel - Exo-Grid

2008: Autechre - Quaristice

2009: Clark - Totems Flare

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2003: Aphex - 26 Mixes, Ae - Draft 7.30, Clark - Bones, Meam - the L, Monolake - Momentum, Plaid - Spokes,



So you liked Plaid's spokes better than double figure? I didn't see it listed so I assumed that. That's not something I see that often :)

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