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Guest Son House

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Guest Son House

Hi there-

I'm as much into electronic forests as I am into analog ones.

and autechre always had an organic feel to me-the way they're makingtheir stuff move is often like watching a plant grow in fast motion.

and i happen to find that same feel often in so-called world music,meaning field recordings made by ethnomusicologists or otherenthusiasts-

you'll find quirky beats in rhythmic freedom and unusual (to our ears) sounds everywhere. and as I'm into traditional music as much as I'm into "avantgarde", ithought, well,

why not let you know about some stuff you'd might like to check out?!?!?


so, here are some:




out on playasound, this one is a collection of indigenous gong musicfrom southeast-asia.ranges from deep, ambient-like,sound-from-another-room-pieces to festive gong ensembles.



Musique et Chants des Jörai


a great collection of Jörai tribal music in Vietnam. gongs and numerous strange instruments captured in in individual recordings.

haunting melodies. especially on that crazy instrument depicted on the front cover. it's basically a string instrument played with a bow and a resonating piece attached on one end to the instrument and a small piece of wood on the other end which is held in the mouth between the teeth, allowing for shaping the frequency of the sound like it's coming from the mouth



Namibie-Bushmen Ju'Hoansi


it starts off with a stringed instrument, and beautifully sad melodies sung over each other.listen to the melodies intertwine, come together and fall apart again-it's a myrical. Ju'Hoansi language incorporates pop, click and hiss noises which make the singing even more unusual. there are other class a recordings on this like track eight (simply entitled "arc de chasse" - hunting bow) which is just two people playing on a hunting bow and doing something between breathing and singing-it sounds like heavy prehistorical club music.the rest on the cd is great, too



Burundi-Musique Traditionelle


a true gem. a string instrument called inanga is played by men in a whispering voice. there are some recordings of women simply singing into their closed hands and while doing so, they open and change their hands-makes em sound like some broken trumpet-but not cheesy in any way (after all, there is no cheese in truly traditional music anywhwere). zithers, flutes and drums. a round and great record. you also get two recordings of females singing duos that sound like they were chopped up and processed as hell, but it's just two girls singing!


there are more now than i could think of, of course. maybe I'll get back to this later-

well..hope you like it!

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Music for the Gods - Recordings from the Fahnestock Expedition

Indonesian gamelan recorded in the 1940s - both brilliant music and also ghostly, archival recordings made on an acetate disc cutter. Apparently the recording gear stayed on the boat while the crew took microphones on really, really long cables ashore to record village ensembles.

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