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the final destination

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i was sooo pumped for this 4th movie to come out. waiting for new ways to think of killing each one of you :)


even fucking paid the 12 bucks for the film - 10 for parking...totally not worth it.


a race track was kind of a cool beginning, but could that many cars really blow up at once?


and the ending....oh the ending....WHAT THE FUCK WAS UP WITH THE COMPUTER ANIMATION!?! i wanted to see limbs flying, glass crashing..but no.


i feel like it was rushed and put into theaters too soon, who's seen it and what do you think?


ps. i still think the 2nd and the 3rd are the best.

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i thought the second and third were downright horrible, with only the first being non-cheesy/cartoon-ish and actually creepy. like they actually put effort into create a real story instead of just another round of tortue porn/insane deaths like all the saw movies

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