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Squarepusher headlines WANG 10th birthday Party

Guest electro elvis

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Guest electro elvis

Here's some info for all you Squarepusher Fans, Tom will be headlining our 10th birthday celebrations with one of his infamous 'DJ and Bass' sets, first tried out in front of 150 people at WANG @ The Premises many many years ago. Over the past 10 years Tom has constantly been one of our biggest supporters, and we're pretty sure he's played for us more times than anybody else, and as you can imagine we're totally chuffed for all his support and can't wait for his set at 10 Years Of WANG...


WANG is 10.....


This November WANG will have been putting on parties for 10 years!


To say a huge thanks to all you WANGers that have supported us over the years by coming to our parties, and for all the amazing times you have therefore given us, we will be celebrating in the only way we know how, with a great big dirty warehouse rave party! 8-)


We are currently hard at work planning are most outragous party yet..

We feel the line-up reflects some of the highlights of the last 10 years.

You can rest assured that all the sound systems will be totally unrestricted and firing on all cylinders with the sweetest heavy heavy bass sounds that make your nose twitch and your eyeballs vibrate!

Since the very start of WANG we have had a strong presence of mind-bending visuals to take your brain to another dimension and for 10th birthday party we've upped the ante yet again, with the largest old-school TV video wall seen since the 1980's, featuring over 1.5 tonnes of TV screens.

We will also have enough lights (including the Europe's largest collection of Goldenscans), lasers and strobes and blind a small army.


This is all due to take place on

Saturday 14th November 2009

Line-up so far....


Squarepusher - Rave & Bass set

Simian Mobile Disco - DJ Set

Andrew Weatherall


Mark Broom

Radioactive Man - live

Bass Junkie


Richard Sen aka Padded Cell

Posthuman - live

Vibration Dub Sound System

Julian Fairshare

Soul Jazz DJs


Many more acts on the way - Keep checking www.wanging.com for more info


WANG - Defending the dance underground

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