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Corn Cat - TV Dreams

vamos scorcho

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Corn Cat presents TV Dreams. This album has been in the works for around 6 months and is starting to reach completion, for my fellow boarders I give you the nearly finished version. All that's left are some very small sonic tweaks. Hopefully this is the album that gets me signed. For people who read this thread, you may be interested in hearing my most complete work yet. It is a sonic journey of the mind, and as an album each track serves its own purpose. I'm quite proud of this one. If you like what you hear don't be held back from blogging it up, posting it on other forums, or whatever you wish to do. I want word to spread of this creation, as I believe it to be quite enjoyable and unique (not to be egotistical - but I really am proud of it). I think if you pretend you didn't know vamos the poster created this, you may enjoy it more.


this isn't the official cover. probably won't have that ready for a while. nor is TV Dreams necessarily the official name.






(i posted this in creations but I want you guys to hear it! so check it out)

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ahah this is great, definitely sending it to my friends. have you ever heard of gangpol und mit or especially likely sloth? your music reminds me a lot of them.


i like catnap the best but whats the stuff on your myspace player? AOK is good too

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