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I wanna hear some excellent music with scratching


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I've only really heard a few tracks with some decent DJ scratching going on but I want to hit up some really excellent tracks, and hopefully even full albums.


If you wanna know what I'm looking for, basically the track Feadz On by Mr Oizo off of Analog Worms Attack is the direction I want to go here.


I'm mostly thinking like, light bouncy hip-hop sounding stuff with the scratching. Preferably no vocals though, I'm sure you can help watmm!!!


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Check out some DJ craze...


Definitely - if you do one thing today it should be to check out ko-wreck technique (dj craze + push button objects), turntablism meats idm though it actually sounds pretty straight up hiphop


coldcut yo


journeys by dj


not sure if theres a ton of scratching but it's a brilliant turntable album

This man speaks the truth, probably in my top 10 albums ever

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can this extend to hip-hop with good scratching?

if so check out dr. octagon. The first (and in my eyes only) album features scratching from q-bert on various songs.


also DJ shadow is a no-brainer

Yes, and the lyrics on Dr. Octagon will make you LOL!


Also, I like the instrumental pieces Cut Chemist has done as they sting together samples and breaks in a creative way which amounts to more than just a big masturbatory scratchfest. Also the Cut Chemist and Shadow collabs (Brainfreeze, Product Placement) from a few years back have some nice scratching (again not overkill) and great music too..

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what the fuck is this? Elaborate, it looks really cool and I need to know more.


i forget the artist/artists involved in the animation, but it's just a weird story of a dentist and a baby battling set to qbert doing what he does.



special guest appearance in the start of the clip by buckethead


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dj swamp was beck's old dj


met him at a show while screaming some bullshit like i was singing black metal band in the parking lot.


gave him a cd and he hit me up, i called and he wanted to start a band, i need to hit that dude back up soon!





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